Tonight! 12:30am! #TheMeltdown with Jonah & Kumail on @comedycentral

I have no stakes in this. But my friends do. And let me tell you, this show is pretty great. I’ve been a regular attendee of The Meltdown Show for a few years now, and tonight, it’s debuting on Comedy Central. Watch it, love it, and tell your friends about it. I want to tell my friends that you told your friends. We all win. TONIGHT AT 12:30am!

Episode 27 - Matt Taylor



Tony's best friend and former bandmate, Matt Taylor of Motion City Soundtrack, stops by this week.  Even though they’ve been friends for nearly 22 years, communication quickly becomes difficult because they ate way too many burgers.  Like, a lot of them. They also finally unveil a song they wrote together 3 years ago.  This will forever be known as the burger episode.  Burgers. 

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